Wit+Wisdom | Feb. 9

Our 1,989 fearless predictions for Sunday

We can barely control our excitement that the Big Game is almost here! As mar-comm nerds, we aren’t talking about Chiefs vs. Niners; we’re actually more psyched awaiting the biggest brand faceoff of the year: the ads. To give everyone a taste of what’s to come (think of it like our famous bean dip appetizer), check out these commercials that have already been pushed live. We personally stan the Beckham fam! Stay tuned for a recap on our hot takes coming next week! Which brand do you think is the most humorous? Right answer: Depends on how many times CBS pans to T-Swift during the event. 🙊


This is pretty e.l.f.ing cool 

Tech giant Apple is at it again as the company recently released their Apple Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset – and beauty brand e.l.f. is jumping right into the new trend in an oh-so-clever way! The cosmetics manufacturer has launched a beauty shopping app on the Pro called “Your best e.l.f.” The experience offers guided meditations, exercises and interactive games. Though we aren’t in the tax bracket to get our hands on a Vision Pro (unless we win our pools on Sunday), we are sure happy for the rest of y’all. Who knew this would be life in 2024? 


To put it bluntly, don’t drive high

On our weekly Golden Express bus ride from Chinatown to Atlantic City, we always get a kick out of seeing what funny messages the New Jersey DOT will post on their electronic signs. Our favorites include “Get your head out of your apps –  drive safely” and “Drive like the person your dog thinks you are.” Alas, these funny phrases are going the way of the dodo. As Peppercomm’s own Laughing Matters Council member David Horning points out in a new article in MediaPost, the Feds are forcing states to abandon these mirthful missives. Baaaad idea, says David, because humor actually helps people remember information.



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