Wit+Wisdom | Nov. 17

We’re thankful for humor ❤️

We’re officially less than a week out from Thanksgiving, peeps, and ya know what that means? STRESSSSS. From undercooking the big bird to your “fun” aunt who seems to always “forget” her assigned side dish to bring, the six days ahead will likely be filled to the brim with yelling, swearing, and probably a ‘throwing’ of some sorts. Thankfully, Yahoo! has compiled some Turkey Day-focused memes and jokes to help lighten the mood when the fam drama sets loose. We personally lurv the guy kayaking across a pile of mashed potatoes – #MOOD. How about you, grandma? 

Consider us influenced

I’m sure if you told our ancestors that one day in the future, seven-year-olds would be making thousands of dollars for posting a picture with a certain product, they’d think you were a full on wackadoodle! Alas, though, here we are, and those kids (and adults, and dogs, even) have proved to be verrrrrry lucrative for brands across the board. We’re #blessed that Marketing Dive has broken down how best to harness the power of influencer marketing in their recent trendline. From dupes to name changes, check out how companies are putting influencers at the top of their strategies…just in time for 2024 planning – slay. 

Welcome, Team Meridian! 

While we hope a crisis never strikes, it is inevitable, and Peppercomm is here to be your north star. Enter Team Meridian, a new specialty group assembled to provide strategic counsel to help clients plan for and manage societal crises impacting their people, brands and business. Composed of five stellar PC team members with over a century’s worth of collective experience, you know where to find us if ya need us! 

PepperPick of the Week

Based in NYC and on the hunt for weekend plans that don’t include binging yet another season of Dance Moms? We’ve got ya covered! Quoted by a Peppercommer as, ‘the place to go where you don’t know where to go,’ The Smith has it all. If you end up at the Midtown East restaurant, can you please report back on their mac + cheese. We’ll always be five years old at heart. xoxo