Wit+Wisdom | What do the other 47% of you do all day?

What do the other 47% of you do all day?

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! Here’s your reminder that using humor at work can boost your mood a helluva lot faster than a white choco macadamia cream cold brew. Better yet, humor is 100% keto! But how many of you really use humor strategically? Now we’ve got a clue thanks to fine folks at BGSF who ran a LinkedIn survey about this. They found that 53% of you use humor at work multiple times per day (yay!). But that leaves 47% of you who don’t. C’mon guys! When you’re triple booked with meetings and your laptop decides to run an update, all you can do is LOL!


How to be like Johnny Cash and walk the line

Okay, okay we get it. Some of you are a little iffy about using humor multiple times every day with your workmates. You don’t want to push too far and end up looking cringe. Don’t worry, we got you. Well, technically, Success.com’s got you. The inimitable Sandi Schwartz penned this slay article on how to get your colleagues smiling without crossing the line. Pro tip: If you find yourself looking over your shoulder before telling a joke, you’re doing it wrong. And we love Sandi’s advice about being your own chief humor officer. Make yourself laugh first? Yes, please!


Raise your hand if you’re old enough to remember OK Soda!

We’ve all been there. It’s a Friyay afternoon at the end of a loooong week. Then that email drops from the boss. “Hey, can we get a quick email brainstorm going? Need some clever taglines for our new widget. EOD today would be great! TIA!” Uuuggghhh! Don’t fret! We’ve got your inspo right here. Check out this recent piece from Work+Money’s Chris Donofrio with their ranking of the weirdest campaigns of the past couple of decades. One thing we lurv about this list is that it’s truly global, featuring the best of the best from Taiwan, Europe, etc. What’s cuter than babies with full-back tattoos??



Does anyone else feel like they’ve been to 27 bachelorette parties in Nashville? You’re destined to get invited to No. 28 sometime soon. So, while you’re out there, slide into Adele’s for amaze farm-to-table style fresh eats!