Wit+Wisdom | Who’s afraid of little old me?


We would be remiss in not recognizing @EmpireStateBldg’s beautiful roast of the Carolina Hurricane’s April “CRY” tweet after their win over the Islanders. Let’s go Rangers!!

Make the most of that $

In the ever-evolving world of communications, the term “influencer” has been a buzzword for nearly a decade, with a whopping $21 billion spent globally on influencer marketing. Yet, brands continue to stumble over common pitfalls that dampen the impact of this strategy. Are we cringing that 13-year-olds are making our yearly salary in one quarter? Yuh. But we won’t let this cloud our judgment! Checkout this MediaPost rundown of the blunders to avoid here.

Who’s afraid of little old me?

In the glittering galaxy of pop culture, Taylor Swift is the supernova who’s not just breaking records but rewriting the playbook on media management. With a flair for the dramatic and a knack for staying genuine, Swift spins the tales of heartbreak and triumph that resonate with legions of fans. TayTay’s secret weapon? A rock-solid commitment to authenticity that turns fans into die-hard Swifties. She’s not just a singer; she’s a beacon for staying true to oneself in the high-stakes game of fame. Don’t believe us? This LinkedIn post by Susan Harrow might just convince ya!

How To Be a Baddie in PR

On the latest giggle-inducing episode of Peppercomm’s Laughing Matters podcast, Brandi Boatner, digital and advocacy communications maestro at IBM, spills the beans on her secret sauce for captivating audiences. Picture this: an IT infrastructure campaign meets the zen world of yoga poses—talk about a stretch in creativity! And for the grand finale, a side-splitting tale of a not-so-grand moment in Grand Central Station that proves even the most embarrassing gaffes can teach us a thing or two about bouncing back and embracing our quirks. We’re living for this masterclass in turning ‘oops’ into ‘a-ha’ moments!


We’re shipping up to Boston this weekend and simply can’t wait for tini time! SAVR’s espresso martini flight is calling our name.