Don’t leave us hey-ging

Don’t leave us hey-ging

We’re Gen Zers and Millennials, so of course we have anxiety. This week, our Gen X manager moved our weekly 1v1 meeting up 15 minutes — and we basically had a full-blown menty b over it thinking we were getting fired. So, please work besties, note the newest cringey workplace trend: hey hanging. Take it from Business Insider and keep that in mind when you ping us with that dreadful, “Hey,” then proceed to type nothing else. Like…hello??? You cannot do that to us. We get that for some of you tech is hard, but please save us younglings from the spiraling that will ensue as a result. Remember: one key to being witty and wise on the job is to constantly take the temp of your coworkers and act accordingly.

I’m sad, but it’s ok: you can laugh

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month, y’all! You may think we are totally heartless when we say that giggling a bit about the pain going on in your brain is a good thing. But check it out: the Mental Health Commission of Canada agrees! Humor serves as a potent tool for brands to grab attention and leave a lasting impression. It’s a delicate art, but when executed well, blending the right tone with your audience’s sense of humor can be pure gold. For mental health advocates, the stakes are high. With the pervasive stigma around mental health, any potential for misinterpretation makes humor a risky choice. Yet, for those battling mental illnesses, a constant barrage of somber narratives can be overwhelming. So finding the right balance of LOL might be exactly what’s needed (+ some snuggles with Fido always help, ofc!). If you’re looking for some inspo, check out these wink-wink mental health memes.

Why didn’t we think of this?

Are you sick of your stay-at-home boyfriend yelling at the TV during all hours of the night watching SpOrTs? Great news! Heineken is onto somethin’ here with an uber-witty campaign! The beer brand is transforming select 24-hour laundromats into nocturnal hubs for sports enthusiasts to enjoy UEFA Champions League soccer matches. This initiative, dubbed “LaundroMatch,” caters to South Korean fans who typically have to watch the games in the wee hours of the morning when bars are not yet open. Honey, of course you can go watch the game at 3 a.m., just make sure you don’t forget to air dry my Lululemons!


In celebration of Star Wars Day on May 4, we recco you book a last min trip down to the Galaxy of Mexico and enjoy a delish meal at Skywalker’s. May the fourth be with you!