Laughing Matters Episode 22: Stacey Jones, Accenture

Episode 22: How to keep your cool when you’re shooting bricks in the Metaverse: Stacey Jones, Accenture

Being a leader at a global consulting firm for over two decades taught Stacey Jones many things, not the least of which is that she was a MUCH better basketball player in real life than in the Metaverse. Stacey joins Laughing Matters to talk how she turned this rude awakening into an icebreaker and also discusses:

  • Why laughter and humor are essential components she’s looking for in the next chapter in her career
  • Her experience as a young reporter writing a story about an intimidating nun that got her a good ribbing from the newsroom
  • Her favorite humor-infused marketing campaign including a dot-com era sock puppet
  • The Jennifer Lawrence-esque embarrassing onstage moment she had at a rehearsal for an
  • International Women’s Day broadcast

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