Wit+Wisdom | Nov. 3

Fetch is never going to happen, but hilarity def will

Get in, loser. We’re going shopping! Walmart just killed it by reuniting the “Mean Girls” cast for a hilarious campaign leading up to Black Friday. Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried shot a two-minute vid, with new content set to drop every Wednesday (when we wear pink, of course) this month and on Cyber Monday. Personally, we think it’s another milestone in the stealth #makewalmartrelevantagain strategy, but that’s still an unconfirmed rumor (our favorite redundancy, btw).


A dog, a horse and a CFO walk into a bar…

Things that don’t go together: Birkenstocks and socks. Alarms and weekends. Humor and investor relations. Now, we do love our IR peeps. But even they have to admit that during working hours they don’t necessarily embrace the lols on Zoom calls. However, maybe it’s time to flip the (earnings call) script on that. In a new study featured in Insider this week, researchers analyzed some 12,000 earnings calls and discovered a correlation with executives that displayed a sense of humor and a pop in the share price of their company’s stock. Yes, indeed, when an exec made some jokes, their stock performed better over the two days following their earnings call. So go tell your CFO to slay the day!

More Old Spice centaurs? Yes please

Special shoutout this week to Shahab Shirmohammadi at Omni for his fire LinkedIn post on tips and tricks for winning with humor in marketing. Shahab, a former Liquid Death marketing pro, spells out four FUNdamentals (see what we did there?) for making your brand stand out, ranging from authenticity to relevance. He also lists three of his favorite humor-fueled marketing campaigns to provide you with plenty of inspo for your next brainstorm. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Walmart.